Six striking ideas coming to life at the Forecast Festival

The two-day program on February 26 and 27 makes new approaches tangible.


Leila Albayaty

Leila Albayaty presents From a Palm Tree to the Stars as a multimedia performance. Against a backdrop of scenes from her film projected on the big screen, she will play live in the auditorium along with Kouzy Larsen (oud) and Hassan Alhanafay (electronic, ney flute). › More about Leila Albayaty

Leila Albayaty is mentee of Lars Petter Hagen.


Agnieszka Kozlowska

Agnieszka Kozlowska exhibits photographic artefacts that represent some of the highest alpine peaks – produced using a unique technique. Videos and other recordings convey the physical processes involved in producing these objects. › More about Agnieszka Kozlowska

Agnieszka Kozlowska is mentee of Bas Princen.


Tobias Nolte

Tobias Nolte and Certain Measures introduce Mine the Scrap, a data-driven process that designs new structures algorithmically generated from existing scrap. Visitors will see an algorithm at work. › More about Tobias Nolte

Tobias Nolte is mentee of Jürgen Mayer H.


Kalliopi Tsipni-Kolaza

Kalliopi Tsipni-Kolaza has conceived an exhibition in the form of an album: Sonic Revolutions: Vibrations from the Levant will present the practices of sound artists exploring issues of spatial justice, collective memory and history through the detour of popular culture. › More about Kalliopi Tsipni-Kolaza

Kalliopi Tsipni-Kolaza is mentee of Barbara Vanderlinden.

Scientific Fiction

Arne Vogelgesang

Arne Vogelgesang has been studying the physical presence of key players in radical political groups on the internet and has assembled the found material in a compendium of gestures, attitudes and actions. Mirror Stage / Glühende Landschaften invites visitors to experience the creation of a virtual landscape of ideological Germany and participate in its development. › More about Arne Vogelgesang

Arne Vogelgesang is mentee of Eric Joris.


Wendy Di Wang

Wendy Di Wang’s interactive installation Solux presents a solar-powered street lighting system that adapts light in public space to the particular needs of any given situation. Wireless sensor modules trigger street lighting whenever pedestrians, cyclists or motor vehicles approach. Individual Solux units communicate via sensors to dynamically light the way for passers-by. › More about Wendy Di Wang

Wendy Di Wang is mentee of Markus Diebel.