Open Call

Audacious Minds —Get Ready

The international call for applications for Forecast’s second edition starts October 1, 2016. Until November 30, pioneers from any country and all disciplines may submit their project ideas to Forecast. It’s the concepts that count.   From call to Forecast Festival Six accomplished mentors are offering their expertise in our call for applications. Forecast will … Continued

The first edition of the Forecast Festival

 Forecast at Haus der Kulturen der Welt On February 26 and 27, the first edition of the Forecast Festival took place. New approaches in the fields of architecture, design, photography, composition, curating and scientific fiction were showcased to the public – which turned out an enthusiastic crowd. Visitors were able to experience the six selected … Continued

Playing with the unexpected

In Conversation with Barbara Vanderlinden and Kalliopi Tsipni-Kolaza What made Kalliopi’s proposal stand out from the rest? Barbara: In the case of Kalliopi’s project proposal, it was definitely the fact that she touches on some underdeveloped aspects of curating, those being sound in relation to space and auditory culture in general. To me, it feels … Continued

Watch an Algorithm at Work

In Conversation with Jürgen Mayer H. and Tobias Nolte Jürgen, what initially sparked your interest in Tobias’ project Mine the Scrap? Jürgen: I was drawn to his complex concept, which linked new digital technologies, innovative approaches to design and, by extension, the basis of our daily work, to concrete and important thematics: How do we … Continued

The physical process of hiking the Alps

In Conversation with Bas Princen and Agnieszka Kozlowska How would you describe your working process? Bas: We have a strange relationship in the sense that there is not a lot of communication. But, when the communication is there, we try to pinpoint a couple of things that are possible routes or paths that could be … Continued

A virtual landscape of radical activism

 In Conversation with Arne Vogelgesang and Eric Joris How did you both start working together on Arne’s project? Eric: 
The idea was to have Arne join my team and me from CREW in a project which has some similarities to Arne’s project in terms of its technological set up. That project had to do with … Continued

Describing reality from multiple sides

In conversation with Lars Petter Hagen and Leila Albayaty What milestones or re-arrangements did you cross or experience from the beginning until today? Leila: When I presented the project at Forecast, it was very fresh and pretty much centered around my personality. I think that Lars’ way of working with me and understanding the different … Continued

Changing human behavior by light

In conversation with Wendy Di Wang and Markus Diebel Markus, what was the thing that most sparked your interest when you first looked at Wendy Di Wang’s project? When I looked at her proposal, the simplicity of her idea caught my attention. It was strikingly easy, in a way that anybody could understand: Changing human … Continued
Forecast Forum

One Weekend, Thirty Ideas

The Forecast Forum: Ruminations on the anthropocene meet research on photographic techniques. Considerations of moss as a design object encounter reflections on the music scene in Palestine. Over the course of three days, the Forecast Forum offered audiences live presentations by 30 talents from the fields of design, art, architecture and science and created a … Continued

Forecast Forum

From August 28 to 30 the Forecast Forum will showcase 30 talents from all over the world. The Haus der Kulturen der Welt will then host this test lab for their inventive ideas.   Friday, August 28 free admission   18.00 Opening Forecast Forum and Exhibition of Ideas 19.00 On Mentoring In dialog: Barbara Vanderlinden … Continued
A Project By Katharina Rüter

Mossy Haze

In her proposed project Mossy Haze, Katharina Rüter wants to develop an indoor design object that contains and sustains moss, trying both to span and fuse the worlds of architecture, design and nature. Mossy Haze implies a practical approach to the question how changing climate conditions could influence the way cities, buildings and especially indoor … Continued
A Project By Amitesh Grover

A Performapedia

Amitesh Grover’s project proposal A Performapedia questions the notion of an archive based on objects and explores how we look at those forms of knowledge that are not embraced by modern archival strategies. The modern archive conventionally relies upon documents, art objects and photographs to build on history. Eventually, these objects themselves become the ‘historical’ … Continued
A Project By Svenja Schüffler

Installing Seismic Risk of Istanbul

Svenja Schüffler´s project proposal Installing Seismic Risk of Istanbul aims to visualize and discuss the seismic risk of Istanbul from an art-science perspective in the form of a real time simulation. The difficulty of perceiving and communicating seismic risk and the complexity of researching and making decisions in a situation of uncertainty are the main … Continued
A Project By Elise Eeraerts

Burning Mass

Elise Eeraerts’ proposed project Burning Mass is a film following the making of a vast site-specific sculpture in its original, natural environment. Intended to be monumental in scale, the sculpture will consist of massive manufactured clay components. The film focuses attention on the act of creating this sculpture and the process through which knowledge of … Continued
A Project By Natalia Carrus

Packarting Plastic

Natalia Carrus’ proposed project Packarting Plastic is an experimental art project which seeks to raise consciousness for a sustainable shift in attitudes toward consumption that can satisfy actors at every level, from the consumer to the industrial. Every decade, global production of plastic doubles, and there is no end in sight. We have no clue … Continued
A Project By Milena Kipfmüller

Case Cortina

With her project proposal Case Cortina Milena Kipfmüller proposes to develop a radio concert that conveys the acoustic particularities of various cities using field recordings, musical material and speech.   “I would like to combine dramaturgical strategies with a composition that reacts flexibly to unforeseen situations and opens up discourse between urban space and the … Continued
A Project By Kabir Carter

FdK Actions or the People’s Polymorph

Kabir Carter’s proposed project FdK Actions or the People’s Polymorph entails a personal yet societal engagement with the automobile brand Volkswagen. Through a series of deskilled, abstracted cannibalizations of Taylorist practices, he will put both Volkswagen car parts and Volkswagen’s corporate history together improperly in order to make something else, or nothing at all.   … Continued
A Project By Joanna Banach

MMM Hotel

Joanna Banach´s project proposal MMM Hotel describes a portable hotel made of pop-up modules. MMM stands for Modular, Mobile, Modifiable and addresses the inconvenient problem of housing scarcity at temporary mass events like design fairs, music festivals or sport events.   “MMM Hotel was created as my master’s project. Due to the fact that I … Continued
A Project By Mohamed


Mohamed’s project proposal Plug-Inn investigates the traditional and digital fabrication of timber houses. The reed houses of the Mesopotamian marshes and the wooden churches of northern Europe are the parameters of Mohamed’s research. He explores their potential and implications, so as to develop a concept and structure for prefabricated timber housing suitable for urban and … Continued
A Project By Roberto Santaguida

Peripheral City

Roberto Santaguida’s project proposal Peripheral City involves an installation depicting the daily lives of fourteen anonymous people living in Berlin. Their testimonies will be presented as large format photographs processed using reductive negation. By reducing the images to block-like shapes, Roberto Santaguida pursues to generate an individual kinetic composition of forms.   “I will be … Continued
A Project By L. Sasha Gora

Talking with Your Mouth Full

L. Sasha Gora’s proposed project Talking with Your Mouth Full is a performative installation. Moving beyond a simple exploration of food associated with religions, lifestyles and traditions, L. Sasha Gora proposes an installation created in collaboration with artists, researchers and designers that analyzes eating rituals comparatively and in-depth. When do we eat with utensils or … Continued
A Project by Kylie King

You Can't Photograph the Future

Kylie King’s project proposal You Can’t Photograph the Future is a video installation that questions our understanding of the immense problem of environmental destruction through the visual register. Her point of depature is the new geological turn of the anthropocene, a proposed epoch that begins when human activities started to have a significant global impact … Continued
A Project by Iza Tarasewicz

Tracing a Path

In her project proposal Tracing a Path, Iza Tarasewicz plans to construct a continually adjusting obstacle course as a site for embodied knowledge, activity and encounter. Her obstacle course is a reconfigurable installation of modular geometric constructions that examines the relationship between human activities towards space and questions how such relationships can be altered or … Continued
A Project by Noémi Zajzon

Encounters with Diasporic Futures

Noémi Zajzon´s project proposal Encounters with Diasporic Futures investigates the urban terrain as a socially constructed mainspring and mediator of being and belonging, of memories, motivations and narratives of diasporic youth in London. Mapping the activity of the Bangladeshi youth community in London, she pursues her particular interest in challenging the concept of diaspora, not … Continued
A Project by Shannon Werle

The Sound of Buildings

Shannon Werle´s project proposal The Sound of Buildings examines the different amplitude envelopes in the city of Berlin. The sound environment filters through every building in a unique and inimitable manner depending on the form, material, dimension and geographical situation of the structure. Shannon Werle will analyze several amplitude envelopes based on recorded data that … Continued
A Project by Mauricio Freyre

Huaca Catalina Huanca / PREVI

Mauricio Freyre’s project proposal Huaca Catalina Huanca / PREVI uses film as a medium of communication, display and research. In it, he proposes to investigate various phenomena linked to the handling of modernity in Latin America at two different locations in Lima, the capital of Peru. Mauricio Freyre conceives of his investigative process as one … Continued
A Project by Kalliopi Tsipni-Kolaza


Kalliopi Tsipni-Kolaza’s project proposal Rave-olutions takes a look at the alternative music scene that has recently emerged among young Palestinians on both sides of the Green Line. As a politicized counterculture formed by musicians and their diverse audience, this rave party scene fuses local and international musical expressions as a form of resistance and protest. … Continued
A Project by Arne Vogelgesang

Mirror Stage

Arne Vogelgesang´s project proposal Mirror Stage combines the use of contemporary technologies of human representation through hardware and software interfaces with questions of national identity. By tracing radical political subcultures and their diffusion of propaganda on the internet, Arne Vogelgesang means to draw a virtual landscape of ideological Germany. For him, the ultimately impossible cartography … Continued
A Project by Leila Albayaty

From a Palm Tree to the Stars

Leila Albayaty’s project proposal From a Palm Tree to the Stars portrays a personal journey between Arab and Western culture. The starting point of the project evolves from the double cultural heritage of the artist, who is half French and half Iraqi. From there, Leila Albayaty aims to explore issues such as origin, identity and … Continued
A Project by Natalia Escobar

A Small Spot in the Night Sky

Natalia Escobar’s project proposal A Small Spot in the Night Sky aims to investigate both the psychological and physiological aspects of human perception through the experience of dreaming. In an immersive sound and light installation, she intends to progressively warp rational and arranged reality, causing it to operate on a completely different level of perception. … Continued
A Project by Maren Kames

90° 0' 0" S

“this is the land beyond my white blanched fears. sparse fallows, waste space, silence.“ ENTER. A blinding white hall. The ceiling: a glistening screen. The soil is fading in shifts of bright light, steps immediately become uncertain, tapping, tripping. A white cube. Antarctica. All of a sudden frazzles of texts appear: They pop up as … Continued
A Project by Tobias Nolte

Mine the Scrap

Tobias Nolte’s project proposal Mine the Scrap is aimed at developing a technology-enabled process to reuse construction waste. It applies technology used in facial recognition and robotic construction to the problem of detecting, sorting and assembling shattered pieces of glass. The final outcome will be a technologically enabled interpretation of a stained glass window.   … Continued
A Project by Ewa Wesołowska


In her project proposal, Ewa Wesołowska ties the fundamental ideas of a light-sound installation to traditional and modern sculptural elements. From her point of view, traditional sculptural technique is synonymous with memorization, like a trace of a human hand left on the surface of an object. When she started working with light-sound installations, Ewa Wesołowska … Continued
A Project by Ana María Gómez López

Wind Instruments

Ana María Gómez López’ project proposal Wind Instruments is a sound installation of three wind-based systems: an industrial-scale data center, a coastal wind farm and a historic church organ. Using full-spectrum recordings of audible, ultrasonic and infrasonic wavelengths, she will interweave meteorological and sonic phenomena into an immersive architectural intervention.   „My aim is not … Continued
A Project by Agnieszka Kozlowska

Carved by Rock and Ice

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the golden age of alpinism, Agnieszka Kozlowska proposes to set off across the Alps and climb to locations overlooking more than 40 peaks ascended for the first time in that period (1854-1865). Using a heretofore unexplored photographic technique, she will produce a relief in a light-sensitive polymer plate exposed … Continued
A Project by Wendy Di Wang


Wendy Di Wang’s project proposal Solux describes an interactive street lighting system to improve safety in public places. Solux is based on solar tracking technology and permits a far more efficient and economical way to harness solar power.   “From the research and interviews of police department, public safety, and people who have been injured … Continued
A project by Arturo Soto


Arturo Soto’s project proposal entails a photographic depiction of Ciudad Juárez in Mexico that reflects the city’s complex history. Processes of globalization and a specific urban hybridity, both of which are due to Juárez’ geographical location on the border with the USA, have shaped the city’s history. Over the past twenty years, Juarez has become … Continued
A Project by Martha Schwindling


Martha Schwindling’s project proposal FLAT presents designed products that bring out the special in the ordinary and question our habits in handling everyday objects. As her slogan feel like a tourist at home indicates, she is interested in how familiar objects can be improved and turned into something spectacular. Martha Schwindling’s design approach is not … Continued
A Project by Christina Della Giustina

You are Variations

Christina Della Giustina’s project proposal you are variations reads scientific data on the life of trees as a music score. It interprets, translates and arranges long-term measurements of trees into a composition. In so doing, it draws attention to the complex water cycling and sophisticated energy balance trees exhibit under different environmental conditions. In light … Continued
Particle Pavilion
A project by Markus Hoffmann

Particle Pavilion

Markus Hoffmann’s project proposal Particle Pavilion is an attempt to make radioactivity visible. It is an architectural outdoor structure with a roof constructed from switchable glass panes. As rays emanating from the radioactive decay processes in the surroundings hit the window panes, the surface of the glass shimmers, alternating from opaque to transparent and back … Continued
Presenting Multiplicity

The mentors' meeting at the HKW

On May 11, the mentors met each other in person for the very first time. After touring the HKW – Haus der Kulturen der Welt together, they engaged in an animated discussion about the applicants, their project proposals and how to present them at the Forecast Forum.   More than 360 applicants from a total … Continued
New spaces and forms of presentation

The 38th International Museum Day

Every year since 1978, the International Museum Day has been drawing attention to the variety and importance of museums. On May 17, Villa Schöningen invited the former secretary of culture Michael Naumann, the architect Jürgen Mayer H., the artistic director of Forecast Freo Majer, and the journalist Peter Schiering to discuss recent developments in presenting … Continued